Rottweiler Club of Canada
National Speciality
July 2009  (Calgarry)

Judge: Isabelle Nicol (Jacraila)


B.I.S.S. Am.Can.Ch. Parisans Helo of Riverridge

This dog caught my eye immediately he entered the ring and I was not disappointed when given the opportunity to go over him. 2 years old compact male with good bone and substance. Broad well defined head with correct ear carriage and good depth of stop. Correct dark almond shaped eye, broad short muzzle, correct bite, dark mouth and flews. Good reach of neck cleanly flowing into very good top and underline held on the move. Straight well angled front, good feet and pasterns. Broad well angled rear which allowed him to flow round the ring with ease. True coming and going which was sadly missing in many. Excellent well defined markings. Still a young dog and maturity will surely bring him much success





First Award of Merit    Am.Can.Ch. Parisans Monte Carlo

Fully mature 4 year old medium to large male with excellent bone and substance. Broad head, well set ears, medium defined stop, dark well shaped eyes, broad muzzle, correct bite and mouth pigment. Broad strong neck, excellent top and underline held on the move. Well angled front and strong broad rear. A free flowing dog who challenged well for B.O.B. Very true moving dog coming and going. A close decision between B.O.B. and this dog but definition of stop and markings tipped the balance.  Both excellent in type and a credit to their breeder.



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